Thursday, March 27, 2008

REsignation Acceptance letter


22nd February, 2008

Mr Murali Vuyyuru
Subject Matter Specialist (Agronomy)
DDS-Krishi Vigyan Kendra

Dear Mr Murali,

Sub: Acceptance of Resignation to the post of Subject Matter Specialist (Agronomy) of K.V.K. Medak District at Zaheerabad

Ref: Your email letter dated 18th February 2008

With reference to your above cited e-mail, the management of K.V.K has agreed to accept your resignation to the post of Subject Matter Specialist (Agronomy) in K.V.K, Zaheerabad with effect from 1st March 2008.

You are requested to handover all the records / things relating to your responsibilities to Ms Shobha Rani, SMS (Home Science) and Mr Srinivas Reddy, Office Superintendent in the presence of the Senior Joint Director, DDS Mr Giriahr. You are also advised to brief them with the stages at which any of your responsibilities are left unfinished.

We would also like you to complete the reports relating to projects which you are handling i.e. FLD, NCOF and KVK annual reports before your relieving date. You are also instructed to personally discuss these stages and the work that needs to be done with Mr Kiran Sakkhari, Agricultural Scientist, Consultant DDS so that he can suitably instruct the next person appointed by the KVK.

You are requested to sign a charge memo furnishing all the above details in the said relief memo. Once you have completed all these formalities your Relieving Order will be issued.



Copy to: Office Superintendent, K.V.K, Zaheerabad for settling his accounts recovering outstanding advances if any from the dues payable to him. You may take charge of the records as well as other office materials in his possession.

Reply from Secretary

On 1/16/08, satheesh periyapatna < > wrote:
Ihave made two points. 1 I want an orientation course for all the staff of KVK. I want the quality and standards of our KVK to rise rather than the salaries. Noone has followed it up Sir,Giridhar, officially not reported the orientation course so far to KVK. I read the comunication when i went to adminstrative office. I feel it is also prerequisiter beforetaking the job.

Sir, Zonal Coordination unit conducts Orientation on request. I will find with Dr Mahadevareddy,(in charge of KVK medak) to have the orientation soon and also with others like Dr. Ramanjenulu. Its duty of Zonal Coordination unit to Orient the new staff. Normally they do if sufficient number of new staff joins in their per-view of KVKs. Like us, none of the KVK in AP had a high staff turn over. Last year, ICAR conducted a workshop on Revisiting the ICAR mandate all the old staff who attended that. I have given reading material about the orientation of KVK and Questionnaire to survey the adopted villages. We are following the same. In due course of at the earliest possible time we will follow the orientation as per dates given by the Zonal Unit and Dr Ramanjeneyulu.

2. I find the performance of some of the staff awful. As the coordiantor it is your first job to esure that everyone works beter, puts in excellent performances and then ask for salary rise.

The salary received by the Staff is on very drastically reduced scales. Very good people joined with us left because they receive here basic salary only. Further, there is no uniformity among the staff regarding salary structure, which created quarrels among them. As a leader of voluntary movement please also look the equality, concern and growth of every one that are associated with us.

3. As a leader of the NGO movement I dont intend to allow salaries to rise automatically immaterial of the fact whether our work has improved or not. 4. Findlly the amount of correspondence I have received from you and Giridahr are ten times more than the programmatic issues. In this world of raising costs, it is difficult to function whole heartedly with reduced scales. Please settle these, all the staff are good and needs the following depending on their capacity.
Staff able to do and willing work requires freedom
Staff able to do and not willing to work finding causes for non willingness and with some motivation they can be put on track.
Staff not able to do but willing to work requires capacity building
Staff not able and not willing to work may be put them in hte work that they can do after studying carefully.
We are in a society of commonness, humanity & equality and need to understand the problems and dynamics. The present situation is in KVK is very sad state. We are ready to work give us the boost up and not punish us in this way.

Therefore let me make it clear that until the other isssues connencted with the staff performances are settled and an orientation course is completed and KVK staff work on that mode, I WILL NOT READ ANY CORRESPONDENCE FROM YOU OR GIRIDHAR ON THIS ISSUE. I WILL AUTOMATICALLY DELETE THE CORRESPONDENCE. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE MY TIME satheesh

Letter to Secretary

16 January 2008
Shri PV Satheesh,
DDS- Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Zaheerabad,

Dear Sir,

Quite unfortunate to write again & again, bothering you with a request to revise the salaries of old staff. As in-charge of KVK, I have been pained and requesting you to revise the old staff salaries. With lot of hopes all of us waited that it will be done today or tomorrow and finally no response or progress made in this direction led a situation of great disappointment to everyone. I would like to make final humble request to the KVK management committee and the submit the following grievances.
1. As per the directors note about to NOT TO PAY HRA, all the old staff were not receiving HRA from August 2007 onwards. Even we have informed decision arrived to the Zonal Coordinator for the audit party reply that we will ensure its full occupation once the recruit made and new staff joins with in about next 6 months with letter dated August 4, 2007. I am attaching these letter for your references (Please see the Word file Medak KVK audit paras 6 17 reply)
2. New staff was paid ICAR scales from their date of joining and the old staff paid far less. I am enclosing the December 2007 salaries paid for all the KVK staff for your kind perusal. (Please see the Excel file Pay rolls December 2007). One will be in great dilemma that the new staff was eligible to receive ICAR pays and while others were to receive very less as they did mistake of attaching to KVK.
3. All the staff has lots of economic problems and taking salaries advances to meet the short money needs. All the above staff was having very long attachment with KVK/DDS since inception.

4. I came to know that there is 5 % marginal hike to all old staff for this financial year. It is not even matching the equivalent deduction towards Sangham Shop. I submit that with these low pays I am neither affordable nor avoid the sangham shop coupons as past.

I feel that all the newly joined and old staff are equally important and humbly request the management committee to look in to these matters and extend their grace& empathy for its entire old staff and revise the pays at least from the beginning of this financial year.

Please make us to serve whole heartedly!
Thanking you
Programme Coordinator i/c